Mr Nilesh Correa - It was an awesome trip to Vietnam. Thanks for all the arrangements
Saturday, March 17, 2018 3:47 PM
Dear Hai,
It was an awesome trip to Vietnam. Thanks for all the arrangements. However there were some best highlights and some downturns in our trip which I would like to write below.
1.Our day started by pick up at the airport. We did not find any difficulty in spotting the guide. However our  guide on the first day spoke very fast and it was a bit difficult in understanding. Checked into the hotel. Not the great of hotels but very much in the city itself and hence close to roam around. The day was well spent with us having a tour of the city's major tourist places and ending the day with a cruise trip. The food on the cruise was not that great however but cruising was good.
2. Next day started with the breakfast. Breakfast had no much option. After this we left to Dalat. A 7hour long journey was a bit tiring. Our tour guide Tuan was a much better guide. Spoke clearly and knew a lot about the tour. The food on the way to Dalat was ok, but not that great. This day was more of a travel and we had nothing much to do other than visiting the falls. The waterfall is a nice place to visit. We then ckecked into the Hotel at Dalat. This was a nice hotel and was very well kept.
As we had nothing else to do rest of the day, Tuan thus arranged to meet the tribal community at our additional expense which was worth it. Wine tasting was too good and we got a chance to mingle with the community. I guess the tour operator should have already included this in their itinerary as we had nothing else to do later in the evening. After our tribal community visit, we were dropped at the Dalat local market. We got to taste the local food which was at its best. Good food at very reasonable price. Tasted the local beer which was nice.
3. Third day we had the breakfast and there was quite a bit of variety in the breakfast. Cable car trip was very good. A very scenic place. Lianbeng was a nice place to visit as it has some very nice scenic beauty. The jeep trip was too good. Otherplace we visited was the HQ embroidery. Its quite a good place and had some very nice embroidery. Lunch was good as Tuan took us to some nice restaurant. Dinner was on us and we went back the local Vietnamese street food.
4. Day 4 was back to Ho Chi Minh. Another 7hours trip. Food on our way back was the worst we could imagine. We were taken to a local hotel which had cooked food which was lying there for hours. Seriously the worst part of our trip. Operator to should take into account about this as none of us liked this part. Although Tuan told us that there is not much hotel options on the way back. Seriously! But that was not our problem. Return to Ho Chi Minh and we spent the day byourselves exploring the city. Very good local cloth market at Saigon center. Did a bit of shopping and then spent the evening at the walking street. It was quite happening street.
5.Day 5 we left to Mekong delta. This was the best place to visit. Had a lot to see and we loved the welcome tea with honey. Truly loved the place as it grew all the fruits and vegetables. Very nice boat trip and an amazing food for lunch. By far the best lunch on our trip.
Day 6 was back to the airport and lot of fond memories. Overall it was an amazing trip. Vietnamese are very laid back and helpful. Definitely worth a second visit. May be to the north this time. But I prefer if you could add a bit of adventure to the trip as well. 

Rating on our trip :

Tour Guide - Very good 
Driver - Very good
Transport vehicle - Spacious, Well maintained and Very good
Hotel at Ho Chi Minh - Could have been much better. But prime location.
Hotel at Dalat - Good
Food - Should be better with the correct hotel choices
Local food - Awesome
People - Too good
We are sharing few of our pictures on this trip. 
Would like to thank Hai Yen for being very prompt on all the questions asked. Well done and kudos.

Hope we get a special discount on our next trip to Hanoi, Cambodia or Laos.
Thanks and regards,
Nilesh Correa