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Meet Our Team

Mr Tran Anh Diep – Director

With years of experience, Mr Diep deeply understands Vietnam tourism and hospitality. Diep is a great director, always try to create a family atmosphere when sharing his thinkings, his desires about Vietnam Tourism’s potential. Now he enjoys showing his boy the world, happily travelling with his family. Many great ideals come from his family’s journeys like that.

Language ability: Vietnamese, English


Ms Hai Yen – Sale manager

As a travel lover, Hai Yen has spent a lot of time to discover new destinations, local cultures and lifestyles with her husband. Besides, she has very good relationship with our partners. Therefore, you absolutely can believe in her ability to set up a wonderful itinerary for your family.

Language ability: Vietnamese, English

Ms Minh - Representative Manager in Saigon

Start the career as a tour guide, Minh has been to many beautiful places, guided a numerous big group, joined many type of travel like adventure, classic, … She has a son and she loves kids so much. Inspired by her own experiences traveling with a young family, Minh seeks to help families to plan the most kid-friendly family vacations

Language ability: Vietnamese, English, French

Mr Thang – IT manager

Mr. Thang has a wealth of experience in IT, webs and design. As a responsible person, Thang always updates data, upgrades our website system to ensure that customers can search all information they need and can make booking easily. He has contributed to our copany’s development since the early days of the company, and now he is our IT manager

Language ability: Vietnamese, English

Ms Ngoc Ha – Tour operator

Ngoc Ha was born in Ninh Binh – a province famous for beautiful landscapes, the hometown of Hoa Lu ancient capital, Trang An, Tam Coc, Bich Dong which are called Halong Bay on land. Working in tourism industry for years, Ngoc Ha always operates tours successfully, keeps good relationship with partners such as hotels, resorts to ensure you a smooth trip.

Language ability: Vietnamese, English, Russian

Ms Lan Anh – Sale executive

Owning a foreign bachelor’s degree, Lan Anh is able to use both French and English. Her passion for travelling inspires, motivates her to join in our family. She has traveled around Vietnam and Cambodia and her mother is her ideal companion in every journey. After a period of learning and researching, Ms. Lan Anh now becomes a great member who always assists our customers with an extremely heartfelt attitude.

Language ability: Vietnamese, English, French

Ms Yen Ha – Travel Consultant

Ms Yen Ha graduated from Tourism some years ago. She’s fond of travelling and communicating with everyone. Her guideline is “ The more I work, the better I can myself with increasing knowledge and experience”. She often efforts to enhance knowledge, improve herself and contribute her creativity towards the success of company as well as herself.

Language ability: Vietnamese, English

Ms Hiep Pham – Marketing executive

The interest in social marketing and traveling is reason why Hiep decided to apply for marketing position in Family Travel Vietnam. She is passionate of tourism, active and always has breakthrough ideas. She is aware that customers also need more and more information about destinations. She loves our country as well as its destinations, and she tries her best to make sure that our travelers feel the same way.

Language ability: Vietnamese, English

Ms Thuy Lien – Marketing executive

Lien has traveled extensively since she was a student. Bringing her passion for Marketing and traveling to practice, Lien has gotten some achievements in marketing position in our company. Lien is responsible for traditional marketing, idea creation and customer care as well. Her favourite sentence is: “Life is a book and those who do not travel read only the first page”.

Language ability: Vietnamese, English

Ms Thuy Trang – accountant

Ms. Trang works at our family as an accountant. Being careful and diligent, she manages any our matters related to accounting in the perfect way. She is behind the curtain for the success of each tour, making sure that our services are completed fluently

Language ability: Vietnamese, English

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